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1:1 HEALTHY AF Mentorship Call with Jazmine, the Creator of The Beauty Babe Brand.

This call is held via zoom.

Are you struggling with Burn Out in your Lash Business?

I have news for you, you aren't burnt out from lashing.

You are burnt out from your Toxic Clients. 

  • With your best lash work, you feel the client is never truly happy. You start to dread days when these clients are scheduled.
  • Your bad business boundaries are killing your joy. You feel upset when clients are late, no show, or cancel same day, but don’t have policies in place to have structure in your business. 
  • You say YES to things you don’t fully want to commit to. You yes to working after hours/days off when you don’t necessarily want to. 

If this is you, the change begins with YOU lash babes 💓 

  • Establish healthy business boundaries + stick to them 
  • Get comfortable saying NO if it doesn’t bring you joy 

To open the door for the Dreamy Client, you first have to close the door on those who aren’t the best fit for you.
This 1:1 HEALTHY AF Mentorship Call will help you understand + establish healthy biz boundaries to implement immediately. 
Let's Chat Babe! 


Duration: 60 Minutes


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