Do you avoid wetting your lash extensions?

Have you ever gotten lash extensions, and have been so terrified of getting them wet? 

Lash extensions are still pretty new for some people. For those who have never had lash extensions, or are looking into getting them you are in the right place!
There is some aftercare required in order for them to last longer, which will also make them safe for your eyes. 
Not washing your lash extensions will actually make them fall out sooner.
Yes you read that correctly! 

Lash extensions can get wet! 

In fact you will need to wash your lash extensions DAILY.
You need to wash your lashes daily to avoid:
  • Makeup buildup
  • oil buildup
  • sweat buildup
  • pollen buildup
  • dirt, oils + more
Basically anything you put on your skin or in the air will eventually build up and sit on your lashes breaking the bond sooner than if you wash daily.
You also want to wash your lash extensions immediately after:
  • Crying - our tears are salty and will make the lashes feel crispy
  • Swimming - chlorine will also make the lashes harden
Washing your lashes will also help avoid infections! 
There's a thing called blepharitis.
This is when the eyelid becomes inflamed because of debris buildup.
Sometimes it may result in having to remove the extensions to fully recover from blepharitis. This makes the lash line appear crusty due to the oil glands being clogged. 
So, remember to wash daily to have the best results possible and avoid getting Blepharitis! 

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