Become a Certified Lash Artist


1. Enroll in a Beauty School 

It is required in the State of California to hold an Esthetician or Cosmetology License to legally preform lash extension, lash lift & tinting services. 

2. Apply to The State Board of Cosmetology

Once you have completed your required hours for your license, your school may help you apply to state board by sending your hours and additional information requested. State Board will respond with a test date. In California only a written test is required. You will receive your license the same day if passed. 

3. Enroll in a Lash Course

The State of California does not currently cover lash extension, lash lift or tinting topics directly. Due to this many schools do not teach lash extensions or lash lift  services. Beauty Schools will focus on teaching you what is needed to pass your State Board exam. Enroll in our next lash course to start your lash business successfully.


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